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    Innovative dynamics. Driven by e-motion

Experience the future mobility
in your daily life.

Welcome to the future. with leading Electric Car in Nepal

Leadership in the new era of zero emissions mobility is being realized through our development of innovative green technologies that are continually raising the industry standard for fuel efficiency.

Ioniq electrics

Pulsing with energetic,
modern appeal.

Stop and reflect on the appeal of the IONIQ electric. Its refined, modern good looks are the first to grab your attention. Admire every curve, every line: It all comes together to convey the smooth flow of power. The proportions are nicely balanced and when you get in closer to look at the details, you’ll discover a perfectionism that is deeply satisfying.

Front view of blue Tucson with night city view

Effortlessly elegant & Peace of mind.

With its disciplined focus on layout simplicity and good ergonomics, the IONIQ electric interior advances the evolution of trendsetting design. As forward-thinking as the exterior, the interior abounds with fine touches that bring all the key elements to life in fluid, elegant style. Every detail is precisely designed around the philosophy of clean simplicity for a calming, soothing effect on the senses.

Ioniq electrics

Cutting edge technologies help keep you safe and hassle-free.

IONIQ electric’s safety features befit its sophisticated futuristic styling. Preventive safety innovations incorporate advanced technologies to help keep you on track and out of harm’s way. Combining built-in radar, sensors and machine vision, IONIQ electric is at the leading edge of safety technology and will look out for you every inch of the way.

Front view of blue Tucson with night city view